Camera Lens Protection for iPhone 15 series (Pro / Pro Max / Plus)

Made In France

Camera Lens Protector


Distinguish our iPhone 15 pro max with the luxury case, the perfect fusion of chic and refinement for men and women. Made of premium leather.

It elegantly dresses your iPhone 15 pro max, reflecting your style. The case is magsafe compatible and offers ultimate protection and a sleek design.
The strong points :

  • Supreme Elegance: A case that embodies the ultimate in elegance and sophistication.
  • Ultra-Thin Design: An elegant design that hugs the contours of your iPhone with finesse.
  • High Quality Leather: Crafted from premium leather, each case is a statement of luxury.
  • Integrated MagSafe Technology: Enjoy the convenience and power of MagSafe technology.
  • Soft Microfiber Interior: A cozy interior that protects while preserving the beauty of your iPhone.
  • Man and Woman: Different colors allow you to appropriate this case whether you are a man or a woman.
  • Extensive Colors: Customize your iPhone 15 with various colors: black, brown, green, orange and red.
  • Full Protection: A case that offers full protection against scratches and light bumps.
  • Functionality and Style: A perfect fusion between technological innovation and high-end design.
  • Statement de Luxe: Choose a brand case that expresses your taste for luxury and distinguished style.

Supreme Symbol of Luxury

Witness opulence and sophistication brought to life in every nuance of this masterpiece. Meticulously handcrafted with unparalleled artisanal finesse, our leather case for the iPhone 15 Pro Max surpasses ordinary protection—it embodies a bold declaration of your impeccable style.

Premium Leather

The thoughtfully selected leather exterior radiates a sumptuous touch. Every facet of the texture honors artisanal craftsmanship, introducing a tangible dimension to your tactile adventure. A case that seamlessly melds art, practicality, and elegance.

The Art of Slim

Our ultra-slim case is the quintessential accessory for those seeking discreet and high-end protection for the iPhone 15 Pro Max. Bestow upon your iPhone the sensation of wearing only the essentials while ensuring that luxury and performance always take the spotlight.

Magnetic Magic

Immerse yourself in connected elegance with our deluxe case, featuring MagSafe technology. It transcends the realm of being just a case; it extends an invitation to explore limitless possibilities at the intersection of beauty and innovation.

Enveloping Cocoon

As your iPhone slides into our case, you'll instantly feel the tender embrace of the microfiber that tenderly cradles your device. The delicate texture imparts a luxurious sensation with each touch, preserving the flawless design of your iPhone 15 Pro Max and preventing unsightly scratches.


Why choose The World's Thinnest Case from Case.Luxury?

If you are looking for a Slim Case that offers a perfect combination of quality, durability, aesthetics and ethical commitment, then our French designed thin cases are made for you!
Made with very high quality materials and to high manufacturing standards, our Premium Case offers optimal protection for your iPhone while preserving its original design, and without distorting the grip.
By purchasing The Thinnest Case in the World you get the perfect combination of aesthetics and protection.

Your iPhone case is very thin, but do they protect against drops?

Despite its extreme thinness, our Ultra Thin Case for iPhone is perfectly resistant. They are designed with premium quality materials that effectively protect against impacts and scratches.
Once the case is installed, your phone will be safe from damage caused by daily use.

We've worked hard to design a durable case that's not only thin but tough.

What is the world's thinnest case from Case.Luxury made of?

Our world's thinnest case is made from polypropene, a hard and slightly flexible material with a matte finish that offers a good grip.

Is the Ultra Thin Case compatible with Magsafe and wireless charging?

Yes, this case is so thin that it allows MagSafe, wireless and induction charging without containing magnets.

What is the level of protection of the thinnest case in the world?

Our case is designed to provide everyday protection against bumps, scratches, dirt and light drops.

Does this ultra-thin cover protect the screen and the camera?

The case's slightly raised edges around the camera and screen act as a shield, preventing your iPhone's screen and lens from coming into contact with other surfaces.

For extra protection, we recommend using it with our tempered glass screen protector.

Is the world's thinnest case from Case.Luxury easy to apply?

Our ultra-thin case is a simple click-in-case. It has been designed to fit your iPhone model perfectly.

All you have to do is insert your iPhone from the left side and then force a little on the right corners. Your iPhone will install without difficulty and will be held very well without any play.

How to clean this ultra thin case?

We recommend using a damp cloth and no harsh chemicals. Mild soap and water should do the trick.

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